Transformers Siege Micromasters Wave 5

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Transformers Siege Micromasters Wave 5

Rumble and Ratbat (Soundwave Spy Patrol 2nd Unit)
Direct-Hit and Power Punch (Battle Squad)

Rumble and Ratbat (Soundwave Spy Patrol 2nd Unit)


Similar with the Titans Return (and Masterpiece) line, Rumble is colored red (again). Personally I’ve always felt Frenzy being red was a better fit. Oh well.

Rumble does not come with any weapons. Sigh..

Let’s get ready to, uh, Rumble!


Ratbat functions as a fuel scout, using his sensors to detect high quality fuel for the Decepticon cause. Interestingly, during the Marvel Comics run, he served as the de facto leader of the Decepticons on Cybertron following the death of Straxus.

V3 and V4 Sonicsurge Drone Armor mode

Soundwave Spy Patrols

Sonicsurge Armors

Yeah… it’s really odd to see their faces on the outside. Easy target practice?

Direct-Hit and Power Punch (Micromaster Combiner Battle Squad)


Direct-Hit is the leader of the Decepticon Battle Squad, the team responsible for off-radar anti-air defense. Combined with his fellow Micromaster Combiners, has enough firepower to take out aircraft within a three-mile radius.

Power Punch

Power Punch serves as the team’s muscle, bringing the heavy firepower when needed. Fiercely loyal to Direct-Hit, the two are best friends, with Power Punch making sure no one questions the decisions of the team leader.

Combined vehicle form

The combined form is called the Cannon Transport.

Weapon form is called the LR-AP Artillery Cannon.


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