[Updated] Transformers Titans Return Titan Masters Wave 3

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Transformers Titans Return Titan Masters Wave 3

Titan Masters Class Fangry

Titan Master Fangry

Fangry used to be pretty big back in the day. I’m really not too crazy about Hasbro’s new take on making some of these classic guys smaller.

Dragon mode.

Weapon mode

This has got to be the most awkward transformation for me in a Transformer ever. I wish they made the head have the ability to turn around instead of looking like that. Sheesh.

EDIT Big thanks to Vili Kauppi for the heads up on how Fangry’s weapon mode is supposed to look like. I got it totally wrong. 🙂

Titans Masters Class Ptero

His head mode resembles the Dinobot Swoop (this is meant to compliment wave 2’s Clobber/Grimlock). It hasn’t been confirmed if Ptero is supposed to be truly Dinobot Swoop’s head or just bears a passing resemblance.

Pterodactyl mode

Vehicle mode

His weapon mode actually looks interesting to me.

Titans Masters Class Sawback

Sawback here is actually based off the old G1 Head Master character Lione. Pretty good update of this guy if you asked me.

Lion “Shell”

Jet mode

Shield mode

Titan Master Class Overboard

I decided to backtrack this one since we’ve gotten Ramhorn as a Titan Master instead of a data pack, like Rewind or Ravage.

Titan Master Overboard

Dragon mode

Dino mode

Weapon mode

Now that I have the toy in hand, I have to say, it’s not too bad. It does closely resemble the G1 cassette Overkill and it can blend in with the other Soundwave “tapes” figures. It’s a shame it can’t fit in Soundwave as a data pack but it is what it is.


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