Unofficial Lego Mazinger Z

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Unofficial Lego Mazinger Z

Ah… the good old bootleg LEGO industry, from time to time, they come up with their own interpretations of the popular pop culture characters, without actually copying the material from an existing official version. This is one of those times.

I came across this little oddity, a Mazinger Z “NOT LEGO” mini figure. For less than a Dollar (U.S.), it’s very well worth it.

Base body has some “internal parts” printed on the back and front.

The helmet, Pileder, chest plate and Jet Scrander are separate pieces.

Mazin Go!

Scrander Cross!

Maz also comes with a sword, it’s pretty accurate to the Great Mazinger sword. It makes me wonder if they’ve got a Great Mazinger coming out too?

The set also comes with a “base” for you to keep Maz on.

Overall, not bad. A very satisfying purchase. I do wish they made the head a whole piece instead of it being a helmet. It looks a bit off, but I guess it is what it is.


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