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Godannar, the complete series Region 1 DVD (got these from

Saber Rider, Evangelion You are (not) Alone, Gi Joe Resolute

Surprisingly, the Saber Rider Series did end with a final showdown with the supercomputer, Nemesis(unlike Voltron, which never gave US fans an actually ending).

No real “special features” for the EVA You Are (not) Alone movie, just Anime Trailers.

GunX Sword- 7 DVD set

Linebarrels of Iron DVD Vol. 1

Not really that huge of a fan of Linebarrels of Iron, but seeing how Amazon was having a sale a while back, figured might as well get a copy just to add to my Super Robot DVD collection.

The Batman Season 4 and SRW OVA from Amazon.

Hades Project Zeorymer.


Gijoe DIC DVD Vol 2

DC Animated Wonder Woman DVD

Superman Vs The Elite DVD

Spectacular Spiderman DVD Season 1

I loved this show. It’s damn shame it got cancelled and now we have (ugh..) Ultimate Spiderman. It seems there won’t be a Season 2 compilation for this either, guess I’ll have to track down all 6 volumes of Season 2.

Joe Renegades DVD Vol 1

lol… I wonder if this is still applicable?

Shin Getter vs Neo Getter R1 DVD

Dang… no special features, meaning the “Go Nagai” teamup video isn’t included. I guess that was limited only to the Asia release.

Mazinkaiser vol 1 and 2 R1 DVD

The dub’s horrible here, they totally changed some of the attack names (no “Breast fire”, everybody shoots “Fire Blaster” now). Sigh…

Mazinkaiser SKL R1 DVD

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Complete Series box 1 and 2 R1 DVD

Easily my favorite non-mecha Anime. I really love this series! This “reboot” is faithful to the Manga and totally redeems the crappy ending of the first FMA Anime.

Getter Robo Armageddon Power pack R1 DVD

Aquarion Complete Series R1 DVD


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