This site wouldn’t even exist without the following people (in alphabetical order):


Dan (a.k.a. “Unleashed”) – for creating the original Pinoy Toy Kolektors Forums (Let’s C) where I met a lot of fellow toy enthusiast. It was also on the PTK / Let’s C Forums that I learned how to make useful posts out of my collection.


Don Рthe owner of the bygone toy shop, Hotstuff. It was through him and his little store that I was able to start collecting Soul of Chogokin and Transformers G1 Encore. He also got me hooked on photographing my collection, by selling me his used a 1 Megapixel digital camera (Heh. Yes, I was so amazed and happy with a 1 Megapixel camera when I started). I also met a lot of good folks who are now my friends from hanging out at his shop back then. Good times.


Erik (a.k.a “Buffy”) – for teaching me basic Photoshop skills and opening up a whole new world for me and my pictures. I had no idea how crappy my photos were until he edited them one time and showed me how much better they can be with the right editing and processing.


Jan – my wife, for always supporting me in this nutty hobby, even now, and for starting it all by nudging me to get over a bad time in my life, by buying me my first action figure in over a decade, a Marvel Legends Captain America. Thanks, hon.


Malvin – the owner of GreatToysOnline. They have such a wide selection of collectibles, it’s mind-boggling. Having easy accessibility to incoming items goes a long way for me, especially due to my personal / work distance setup.


Peter (a.k.a. “Vader”) – for helping me set up this site the way I wanted it. His expertise in this field is something of an invaluable miracle to me, for which I will always be grateful. I also want to thank Peter for allowing me to post all my images and mini-reviews on the Forums for the past few years.

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