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Transformers Classics Sunstreaker

Sunstreaker, not exactly my favorite Autobot (known to be obnoxious more than anything) but still not bad as a toy. …

Transformers Universe Prowl

Prowl has always been my favorite Autobot. The strategist of the team. Plus I really liked his “acid pellet” gun, …

Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus

Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus. A straight up repaint of TF Classics Optimus Prime. Brothers in arms Gold

Transformers Classics Wave 2

Grimlock The only thing that remotely looks G1 is the head. Gold

Transformers Classics Wave1 Decepticons

Transformers Classics Wave1 Decepticons StarScream! Astrotrain Megatron Mass shifting would be really helpful here… lol. Optimus Prime versus Megatron The …

Transformers Classics Wave1 Autobots

Optimus Prime Autobots Transform! The Transformers G1 Classics wave 1 Gold

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