40th Anniversary Hello Kitty Chogokin

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40th Anniversary Hello Kitty Chogokin

To remove the plastic sheet on Kitty’s neck, just lift her head up and tug, the plastic is pre-cut.

Well… now here’s something I never thought I would buy and enjoy.

Even from just holding the box, you can already tell it’s heavy. Diecast all around except for the arms, hands, the red ribbon and canopy on her head. Very impressive weight given the relatively low price point. .

Weighs roughly 411 Grams!

Display base

Optional parts are all stored underneath.

Hello Kitty pilot figure does not sport any articulation ,sadly.

Pushing the button on the back of the left ear pops out the ribbon to the front and opens up the canopy at the same time.

The eye changing gimmick is done by pressing the button inside the c0ckpit.


Active (? Not sure what it’s really called)


Chogokin Kitty also comes with spring-loaded rocket punch fists.

She also transforms into “Drive Mode” via the wheels on her behind folding down.

Metal wheels all around.

Her “Drive Mode” actually looks like her iconic “sitting pose”. lol…

Attaching the ribbon parts to her feet puts Chogokin Hello Kitty in Dive mode.

Optional parts on her display base help with the pose.

The ribbon can also be transfigured into “wings” on her back for “flight mode”

As great as this toy is, there are a few negatives.

-The legs, even though ratchet-jointed, don’t seem quite strong enough to hold the top heavy figure. Don’t expect to be able to leave the figure action-posed very well aside from the standing pose. The good news is that the joints do hold up for the “swimming pose”.

-The rocket punches have hair-triggers. They can pop off even from just moving the arm.

-Speaking of the arms, the articulation is limited to just straight cuts, no side articulation or elbow joints.

Still, this figure has so much metal and cool features on it, it takes the edge off some of the negatives. Plus the low price really sweetens the deal.

Man, now I’m kind of wishing I picked up the Chogokin Panda Z a few years back, that would look great next to this.


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