Chogokin GD-59 Ultra Chogokin Ultra Seven

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Bandai Chogokin GD-59 Ultra Chogokin Ultra Seven

After staking out Ebay for months, there was finally a listing for the GD-59 Ultra Seven. This one was sold out long ago, and is very hard to come by even on Ebay. I’ve been trying to get one ever since SOC Gx-37 King Joe came out. 🙂

A display base with a foot peg is included with the figure (located underneath the styro tray)

Emelium Beam

Wide Shot

Stop Beam

Eye Slugger

With Gx-37 King Joe

Both stand roughly 6.5 Inches tall. Ultra Seven weighs 185 Grams (King Joe is around 380 Grams). Ultra Seven’s diecast parts include:
-shoulders, biceps (forearms are plastic)
-front half of his crotch
-thighs, lower legs, ankle joints (feet are plastic)


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