CMS Corp. Brave Gokin 03 Genesic Gaogaigar Ver. 2

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CMS Corp. Brave Gokin 03 Genesic Gaogaigar Ver. 2

The box is identical to the first release. The Hong Kong version has a label that indicates which release is which. There’s no way to tell the difference with the Japan version.


The new tray is different in that now has slots for the Bolting Driver bolts and the extra Heaven and Hell Hands (it’s the only way to tell which version is which).

The manual is also identical to the first release with the exception of this little add on sheet.

The new release (left) has a darker gold color and the Gaigar’s face is more defined.

They also now have the new “expandable” hips to help balance the GGGG, although I have to admit I’m disappointed with how little the hips can actually expand, it doesn’t really help.

The good news is that the knee joint is now stronger and GGGG can stand without fear of falling over due to the heavy wings (This was the fatal flaw of the first release).

New head, featuring a broader and more proportional forehead crown. Likewise, the GGGG’s facial features are more defined.

The remaining Gao Machines are identical to the first release.



Protect Shade!

Gadget Feather!

Will Knife!

Bolting Driver!

Eleven Kings of SOL, I will destroy you all!!!!

Lastly, CM’s threw in something that really should’ve been part of the original release. The “Hell and Heaven” hands

These wrist plates make it a lot easier to swap fists(they’re easier to remove now than in the original release)


To properly disconnect the legs, use a screw driver. Wedge it in the screw hole to pop out the Gaigar’s legs.

Right way

While the new 2.0 is marginally better (thanks mainly to the tighter joints), it’s not really worth getting unless you missed out on the first release. Diecast parts-wise it’s all the same. The new hands, bolts and crown don’t really justify paying another $200 (unless you really need a GGGG that can stand up all day on your display shelf, but then again you can prop up the first release by leaning it on the back panel of the shelf).

So unless you’re a diehard fan of GGGG (like me), this isn’t exactly an essential buy.


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