Action Toys Mini Deformed 05 Godsigma

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Action Toys Mini Deformed 05 Godsigma

Kuraioh (Sky Thunder King)

Piloted by Toshiya Dan. The Kuraioh is the leader unit of the squad.

Be mindful when flexing his knee, this black piece tends to fly off when you don’t align it properly into the knee canal.

Kuraioh is the only unit of the toy that has any articulation below the hips.

It’s a shame that the set does not feature any weapons for Kuraioh, such as the Kurai Ken (sword) or the Kurai Kyuu bow and arrow set.

Kaimeioh (Sea Rumble King)

Piloted by Juli Noguchi, one of the researchers on Trinity Energy under Dr. Kazami.

The “leg units” don’t have any articulation below the waist save for the ankles for the combined mode. They also don’t come with any weapon accessories (no Double Chain or Water Gun for Kaimeioh).

Rikushioh (Land Quake King)

Piloted by Kira Kensaku, one of Toshiya’s best friends.

Same as with Kaimeioh, Rikushioh doesn’t have any articulation below the waist except for the ankles, it also doesn’t come with its usually accessories like hammer or Attack Drill.

The God Sigma team

Each figure stands roughly 4 inches tall, with Kuraioh being the tallest at 4.25 inches.

The Big Wing component requires some assembly. It’s not too difficult to figure out though.

To assemble God Sigma, you need to take a lot of parts out.

Kuraioh’s feet as well as the black panels on the sides of his legs need to be removed (sorry forgot to take a pic of this). Kuraioh’s fist also have to be removed.

The instructions are a mess to follow since they’re in black and white photos. But you will need to flip this lock down in order to compress the lower legs into the upper legs on Kuraioh.

For the leg units, you will need to detach the arms and heads for both leg units.

After detaching the arms, you will need to fold in the shoulders into the torso.

Look for this notch on the forearms to properly lock the forearms into place.

God Sigma!

Set in the year 2050, mankind has migrated to the stars and set up colonies on Jupiter and its moon, Io. Eldar forces from the year 2300 travel back in time to prevent mankind from invading their planet in the future. The Earthlings struggle to protect a newly discovered form of energy used to power God Sigma, called the “Trinity Energy”, from falling into the hands of the Eldar.

Part of me wishes the Kurai Shock cannons were bigger. They’re a bit on the puny side.

God Sigma only comes with closed fists and fists for holding weapons, it doesn’t come with more expressive hands. As such, he cannot be posed doing his “Big Wing Attack” where he grabs onto the Big Wing.

Fully combined, Mini Deformed God Sigma stands roughly 5.5 inches tall.

God Sigma’s shield can be removed from Big Wing.

To attach the Musou Ken, remove the handle first from the blade.

Musou Ken! God Shield!

Overall, a great set. I love the combined form a lot! The combined form looks amazingly stunning and seems like Action Toys’ best release yet in this line.

The non-mobile legs on the leg units did shock me a bit as I wasn’t expecting it, but I do understand it’s a part of cutting cost and it’s not really a deal breaker (fortunately, the upcoming Mini Action version of this guy will have moving legs for the leg units). I also wish the set came with more accessories, but again, it all goes back to keeping the price point low for this release and I reckon at the of the day, we’ll all be posing this thing in its combined form anyways.


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