Aoshima Miracle House Shin Seiki Gokin Black Getter

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Aoshima Miracle House Shin Seiki Gokin Black Getter Ryoma from Shin Getter Robo: The Last Day(“Shin Getter Robo: Armageddon” in the U.S.).


Comes with everything shown:

C0ckpit hatches open(the belly hatch is for Getter 3’s pilot), the odd part is I distinctly remember Ryoma climbs in and out of the mouth area, he never used the chest hatch. Getter 2’s hatch is in the back, doesn’t open but serves as the Getter Beam gimmick switch.

Getter One Switch ON!!

Double Tomahawk!!

Getter Wing switch off

For the curious, the head doesn’t have a ball joint, but rather is a peg and hole joint (there’s a hinge at the base for back and forth articulation though)

A VERY important note about the toy:

Try to insert a piece of plastic between the cape and Getter’s back, or else the cape will rub off the paint and leave marks on the Getter 2 c0ckpit (drats!)

With the other Aoshima Black Getters, somehow the Black Getter Ryoma doesn’t quite fit in with his “shiny” brethren

With the original Shin Getter One

The Good
-the groin joints shaft out a bit for more articulation(sort of like the elbow joints)

-semi-matte finish

-has opening c0ckpit hatches

-has a “Getter Beam” gimmick

-the “scarf” can be put on facing either left or right.

The Bad
-The cape feels like it might not last, soft PVC (rubber?) material. I could be wrong though, I’m more used to the Marvel Legends’ thick plastic capes.

-Not as heavy as the original Shin Getter(480 Grams vs 640 Grams)

-Paint scratches easily!!!! Watch out for how you pose those fists, them spikey knuckles can cut through the opposite arm’s paint like keys on a car.

-Lousy “extended’ knuckle fists, you have to cut them out and plug them into the spare fists(see “comes with everything shown” photo), unfortunately, this means the cut-out spikes can easily be lost. I didn’t bother to cut mine.

-Ryoma eyes didn’t come out quite right on mine(in this day and age of gorgeous Gashapons this one isn’t one of them, as far as the eyes are concerned anyway)

-Black Getter’s foot could’ve had more wider articulation, it feels kinda hard to balance the toy for action poses(see some of the pics, the foot just doesn’t “pose” right). The original Shin Getter has better feet articulation.

-Minor paint bleeds around Getter’s eyes

The Ugly
-The cape damages Getter’s back! Insert a plastic sheet in between to avoid this! I don’t know how the designers could’ve missed this one.. bad!!!

Despite all the problems, it’s a decent toy for Getter fans(just watch out for that $%^& cape problem). At least now I don’t have to worry about not getting the “Blood Spray” version since this one is good enough in terms of matte finish. It’s funny but somehow the matte finish doesn’t seem to fit in with the other blacks since they’re all shiny IMHO, but I guess it works with the black SOCs.


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