Aoshima Miracle House Shin Seiki Gokin Getter 1 Training version (White)

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Aoshima Miracle House Shin Seiki Gokin Getter 1 Training version (White)

Limited to 1500 pieces.


The Training/Test version only had a brief stint in the 2004 Shin Getter OVA and was piloted by someone else aside from Ryoma Nagare(read: cannon fodder). Needless to say the robot blew up when it detonated its Getter reactor core to stop a rampaging Oni beast.

In the original 70’s cartoon series, the test type Getter was piloted by Prof. Saotome’s eldest son. He died right away in the first episode of the series.

Here’s what you get with this version of Getter 1

Not much, is it? Unlike the other versions this one only comes with extra hands, an axe and the Getter reactor core. Missing are the cape, guns, pilot figurine.

From Getter One

From Black Getter One Ryoma

On the plus side, we do get glow in the dark internal chest parts and this time around they painted the Getter beam cannon hidden in the robot’s belly(the other versions didn’t have paint applied there).

Getter Tomahawk!

Getter Banzai!!!!

In the more recent Anime OVA series, ripping out or detonating one of three of the Getter Robo’s Getter Energy reactor cores(each Getter Machine is presumed to have their own core) was the final means to stop an enemy. Taking out the enemy, the Getter Robo, the pilot and just about everything else within the blast radius for miles. The result is similar to a nuclear mushroom cloud with matching radiation fallout and acid rain.

With the other Getter Ones

Comparison of Red and Black Getters

Currently this is the second Aoshima Getter to get a training version color. The first being Neo Getter, it too, crashed while in the middle of combining during the test flight.

So far, the test Getters have a track record of blowing up 100% of the time and killing it’s pilot(s). lol…


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