Aoshima Miracle House Shin Seiki Gokin Red Getter 1

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Aoshima Miracle House Shin Seiki Gokin Red Getter 1

C0ckpit hatches(just like in the Black version)

Getter Beam switch/Getter 2 c0ckpit hatch.

Change Getter One Switch ON!!!!

Getter Wing!

Getter Tomahawk!

Getter Machine guns! (unfortunately, you can’t really aim them straight, they’re angled down a bit)

Comparison with the original Shin Getter

Comparison with the SOC Getter 1

A few notes
-The fist are somewhat loose, I’m not sure if it’s isolated only to my unit. But they come off with the slightest effort.
-The paint concept is really nice, semi-mate finish white with glossy red finish.
-The guns are a nice accessory, I just wish the hands could actually aim them straight ahead.
-It would’ve been nice if the cape were a bit longer(like that on the black Ryoma version)

-The Getter Beam panels are somewhat misaligned on mine, the gimmick works fine though.
-There are a few minor paint bleeds on the unit I got(I guess it’s unavoidable given that the colors are red on white, so any minor “bleeds” would stick out like sore thumbs)
-Only one Getter Tomahawk accessory…

-Most importantly, try to insert a piece of paper or sheet of plastic when attaching the cape. The same edge that was present on the black version is also present here. The edge somewhat scratches Getter’s back if you plug in the cape too firmly.

Overall, I wouldn’t rank it as Aoshima’s finest product in terms of production quality control (given the problems I encountered), but it’s still a very nice toy and looks great on any shelf. I prefer to display it without the cape, since the shortness of the cape kinda lowers the “coolness factor” for me.

As a parting shot here’s a CGI video clip of Getter 1 from the PS1 video game.


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