Bandai Chogokin GD-60 ZZ Gundam

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Bandai Chogokin GD-60 ZZ Gundam


ZZ Gundam (pronounced as “Double Zeta” Gundam)

ZZ Gundam stands roughly 6” tall. Diecast parts mostly in the legs, shoulders and parts of the Core Fighter. Weighs roughly 300 Grams

ZZ Gundam Weapons
Double Beam Rifle

Tube Missile launchers

Hyper Beam Sabers

Even though there are two Hyper Beam Sabers included with the toy, I didn’t bother attaching the second one, the fists are just too hard to swap around.

High Mega Cannon

G-Fortress mode

Core Fighter

Core base mode

The ZZ Gundam is taller than the Zeta.

For more mechanical data on the ZZ Gundam

Overall, a great set, the diecast content has really been improved over the GD-44 Zeta. The transformation is solid enough with no real flaws or fragile points. The only real complaints are with the way the antennae. They look very warped due to the flimsy material used.


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