Bandai Chogokin GE-10 New Gaiking

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Bandai Chogokin GE-10 New Gaiking

Display stand (individual parts formation)

Display stand(combined formation)

The current series has no continuity tie in with the original 1970’s anime but does have the Gaiking robot and it’s carrier ship the Daiku Maryu(Space Dragon) as the main mechs of the show.

The combination sequence is different from the original Soul of Chogokin GX27 Gaiking.

The new Gaiking also sports new weaponry, such as the “Gaiking Shield”…

and the…. “Gaiking Axe”

The “Gaiking Shield” and “Gaiking Axe” are launched from the Daiku Maryu when needed, along with the “Gaiking Lance”

“Counter Cross”

The “Countercross” leg weapons can be attached to the end of the “Gaiking Lance” to form the “Counter Lance”

“Zector Hook”, a retacting grapple line, it’s main function is to retrieve the “Puncher Grinder” punches fired by Gaiking. Unlike traditional Anime where the fired fist returns automatically, in the new series Gaiking has to manually retrieve his arm after firing it. It can also be used as an offensive weapon.

The “Zector Hook” accessory is only an external attachement on the toy and doesn’t really retract though. 🙂

Finally, Gaiking’s deadliest move (apart from the Hydro Blazer beam) is the “Face Open” mode. The plates of his chest and his face mask come off and the robot goes “Super Saiyan” mode, a la Dragonball Z.

Offensive, Speed and Defensive powers are increased by ten fold, the only drawback is that the “Face Open” mode drains the Pilot’s Flame power/life force. So over usage will kill the pilot(a young boy named Tsubawaki Daiya)

Here’s a video clip of “Face Open” mode in action from Youtube

Comparison with the Soul of Chogokin GX27 “Old School” Gaiking. At first I thought the entire toy was just a rehashed Gx27, turns out they’ve made a lot of changes on the toy including the arms and legs.

Regular mode

“Powered up”mode

Last but not least the display stands. (The central stands are identical more or less, it’s the ones on the sides that are different)

A few extra things of note
– New Gaiking weighs 420Grams while regular Gaiking weighs 370 Grams and 460Grams when in “Powered up” mode

-The new Gaiking’s right leg has trouble locking in place. I’m not sure if this is just localized to mine only. It is somewhat of a big problem because Gaiking can’t stand properly, unless you shift all of its weight onto the left leg.

-there’s diecast in the chest part of new Gaiking, only the jaw and the removable “Face Open” plates are plastic. The part underneathe the “Face Open” plates is diecast.

-The chrome on Gx27 has more of an “mirror shine” finish while the New Gaiking has the Gx01R type “grainy” chrome finish.

-The lower legs are still plastic(thighs, upper arms and feet are diecast though).


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