Bandai Chogokin One Piece Going Merry

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Bandai Chogokin One Piece Going Merry

Thanks to the upcoming Soul of Chogokin General Franky, I decided to pick this up, despite never watching a single episode of One Piece. The toy seemed really decent (going by the box images) and loaded with gimmicks, plus I was able to get it at a good price. 🙂


Some of the ropes attachments require a lot of patience. I just gave up here after trying for 20 minutes to get them all in place, only to have them pop off again.

(Swappable) Sails

Crow’s nest

Working anchor rope.

Decks can be removed to show various levels of the ship.

But be mindful that the deck pieces are actually very slim, flat pieces of plastic. I recommend looking up videos of how to disassemble them if you’re not sure. I almost broke a deck piece taking apart the front of the ship for the Viking’s Funeral shot. Good thing nothing snapped. Whew. 🙂

The anchor room

The Capstand really works, it lowers and raises the anchor.

Removable roof, showing the meeting room, helm, and lounge of the Going Merry. The helm can actually move and steers the rear rudder of the ship.

Storage room and Cannon deck (aft) level.

Men’s Room (left, near the mast) and Women’s Room (right, with the bar).


With so many adventures, the Going Merry gets battered a lot. The toy has swappable (some with diecast!) parts to show the damage and reinforcements done to the ship over time.

Makeshift repairs.

Swappable “broken” ship’s mast

Semi-repaired ship’s mast (Diecast metal ring)

Fully repaired ship’s mast (no diecast here though)

Reinforced Going Merry.

Diecast plating

Diecast block at the base of the figurehead.

Flying mode parts for the Going Merry.

The ship also can be modified into the final scene version. With the ship beyond total repair, the crew holds a funeral for the Going Merry.

(Sidenote: there are two different support clips for the front of the ship, a longer one, which is the standard, plus a shorter one, for displaying the ship when it is fully broken in half)

The ship generally weighs 485 Grams. Diecast parts are generally the white strips that run along the sides of the ship. The hull is plastic though.

The toy comes with Klabautermann (water spirit), which is a manifestation of the ship’s soul (sorry I forgot to take a pic of the figurine).

Also included is an inflatable octopus, I didn’t bother inflating it, in case I wasn’t sure I could put it back in the box. Hehehe.

Overall, I love the Going Merry, it has so many tiny details and parts, it’s very well worth the money. I think I enjoyed this purchase more than the SOC Yamato and the Andromeda, costs less than half of what I paid each of those too.

“Raise the Jolly Roger. Set sail to a new Adventure getting on the Going Merry”


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