Bandai Robot Spirits No. 53 Full Metal Panic Bonta-Kun

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Bandai Robot Spirits No. 53 Full Metal Panic Bonta-Kun



I’ve always loved the FMP Fumoffu series, more than the actual Full Metal Panic series. The lighter-hearted tone of Fumoffu was more fun to watch and had more interesting character development.


For the unfamiliar, Bonta-Kun is a mascot from a theme park set in the FMPF universe. The main hero, Sousuke Sagara, steals one of the mascot costumes and later outfits it into a high tech combat suit. Taking it one step further, Sousuke also later mass produces the Bonta-Kun suit for military use.

Sousuke Sagara


Bonta-Kun’s weapons!
Hand gun

Riot Stick and grenade


M-16 rifle with removable clip.

Other weapons from various other Robot Spirits figures can be equipped using the extra clips included in the tray.

Bonta-Kun also comes with extra faces (“closed eyes” and “frightened”), the back of each of the faces can attached with stickers to simulate a “heads-up display” for Sousuke. I opted not to apply the stickers.

The sweat drop accessory is really cool, it’s actually attached via magnet to a metal plate behind the “frightened” face.

Bonta-Kun also appeared in the Super Robot Wars games for the Gameboy.



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