Bandai Soul Stage Act 5

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Soul Stage Act 5.

Each box of every Soul Stage comes with 3 stands, you can also customize the placement of the arms all into just one platform. Pretty nifty.

The newly designed base is longer so it adds more stability to the display, but unfortunately it’s not perfect as it can’t support some poses. Generally I’d rather not leave an SRC posed too long at a 45 degree angle (flying pose) as the upper arm joint does not have any ratchets to hold it steadily for long (only the lowest joint at the bottom of the arm has a ratchet joint). I’d rather leave the figures in a straight vertical position just to be safe.

There’s also a new claw arm included, but it won’t work with the SRCs so far (mostly it’s for Robot Spirits Code Geass figures I think). The “butt-plugs” included with each SRC is still the way to go to pose them.

Some fun poses

Slightly OT but I just discovered that the paint of the Styrofoam base is starting flake, anyone else encounter this? The flakes came off while inside the plastic bag and not from my handling or displaying it. Sigh.. Bandai really should’ve just given us a decent hollow plastic base instead of this poor accessory.

Overall, I think I prefer the SRC Mazinger Z better due to the proportions. The tiny head seems strange to me when Great is posed next to Mazinger. Diecast content and ratchet joints seem to be same as SRC Mazinger Z. There’s also a new design with the torso, Great Mazinger’s chest and waist can pulled longer by a few Centimeters to make the figure more poseable.

So far the SRC line is warming up to me, if anything it’s definitely making me think twice about picking up new Revoltechs.


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