Bandai Thundercats 2011 6” Mumm-ra

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Bandai Thundercats 2011 6” Mumm-ra

A quick note about the “robe” tatters, you have to take the helmet off to get them to fit in. It took a while for me to figure this out. Good thing nothing broke while I was trying to squeeze in the plastic piece the wrong way.

I decided to pick the 6” over the 4” version of Mumm-ra for scale purposes. In the new cartoon, Mumm-ra is literally a huge creature when in this form, towering over Lion-O

Mumm-ra comes with extra set of “gripping” hands.

Bad-a$$ sword of Omens. Lol

Even Mumm-ra’s Claw Shield is more wicked than Lion-O’s.

Overall a great figure! But I do wish they included the wings for him. As there does seem to be provisions for it (see the covered holes in his back).


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