Bandai Thundercats 2011 Thundertank

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Bandai Thundercats 2011 Thundertank with 4″ Snarf

Personally, I find Snarf a bit too big, works better with the 6” scale me thinks.

Thundercats ho!


Light up gimmick

I really find it strange that Snarf would be in this set. Can he even drive a tank???

….. much better

There’s also a rear compartment that opens up with the magnet gimmick on all the 4” figures’ backs.

Unfortunately, it seems only Snarf can fit inside.

Thunder Racers

Release buttons

There’s a “driver fits inside” version (comes with Tygra and Lion-O) but I find the default version fits better as those seem too big.

Overall not bad, but not great, some of the figs come off as a bit cheap and kinda gives off a “happy meal” level toy feel. I guess the 4” figures work well to compliment the ‘tank, as I doubt we’ll see a Thundertank for the 6” line. But as is, I probably won’t get all of the Thundercats 4” figures.

Here’re some quick pics of G.I. Joe Sci-Fi next to the Thundercats and Thundertank for scale purposes.

Sci-fi rides into the tank suprisingly easily, given the “cables” sticking out of his knees and all.


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