Banpresto Super Robot Wars PTX-003C Alt Eisen

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Banpresto Super Robot Wars PTX-003C Alt Eisen



Alt Eisen (which means “Old Iron” in German) was released in 2006 by Banpresto (after Unifive stopped producing diecast figures).

Alt Eisen Weapons

Square Claymore

Triple Machine Cannon

Heat Horn

Revolving Stake

After the Revolving Stake has “fired” all of it’s shots, the chamber can be emptied and the shells individually removed.


Alt Eisen stands roughly 5-6 Inches tall, weighs roughly 400 Grams. Ratchet joints abound in this figure, the shoulders, and the hips and groin joints are all ratcheted (the knees aren’t though).

Thankfully, the manual has a color-coded guide as to which parts are diecast on the figure (indicated as blue). Why can’t all diecast toy makers do this?

The figure even comes with a hangar display base.

The base also works with other 1/144 figures.

Miscellaneous toy info.

When attaching the antennae, just pull out the head and attach, since the huge shoulders will get in the way.

The Square Claymore release button is cleverly hidden in the shoulder vents

Thrusters can move individually.

Word of warning when flipping out the Revolving Stake chamber, make sure both ends (pins) of the stake have released the locks. Otherwise you will break it if you force it out.

Spring action stabilizers. Pressing down on the shoulder pads will make the stabilizer wings spring up.

Alt Eisen later had an upgrade and was renamed Alt Eisen Riese (Old Iron Giant). The changes in the design are subtle but the weapons have been greatly improved.

With the Huckebein-MK-II

With other 1/144 figures

Super Robot Wars!!

For more additional mechanical data on Alt Eisen


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