Batman 6” scale Batmobile

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Batman 6” scale Batmobile

Probably can be considered as one of the stranger-looking Batmobiles. This one’s designed for the 6” scale Batman figures. I suppose we should be happy we got a Batmobile at all for this line considering how we never got one again for the DCUC series. Still, it’s a huge letdown as to how awesome this could’ve been.

Interior (No steering wheel, no panels, nothing!)

I really, really don’t recommend putting the figures inside the seats too long either. I left my Batman and Robin inside the vehicle for around 6 months. By the end of it, the yellow paint on Batman’s seat had rubbed off on his cape, while Robin’s legs were bent thanks to the very, very minimal leg room in the seat. Tsk..

Robin’s side actually separates into a mini-Batcycle

….. Leaving a huge gapping whole where Robin’s side of the Batmobile was. Yikes!

The spoiler can be removed to become a glider for Batman.

I suppose the coolest thing about this vehicle is that the scale works for all 6” figures, even if the vehicle itself looks horrible and not cool.

Batman’s side of the vehicle has lots of leg room, you can put any average-sized 6” figure in it, unlike Robin’s side, which can hardly even fit Robin.

“Ride it like you stole it!” lol.


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