Batman Forever Batcave

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Batman Forever Batcave

One of the biggest playsets yet, the whole thing spans about 5” x 3” when assembled.

Batmobile ramp maintenance area. The ramp can be rotated using a simple gimmick (lol, lazy susan? )

The middle area is a bit awkward, with the trap doors and all, I think I’ll eventually use it as a trophy area or parking spot for the Batwing, if I ever have the space to set up a proper display room.

Projectile launcher (there’s also a zipline for the Batcave but the seller lost it )

Top level, the Batcomputer and “costume change” elevator and Batwing Docking bay.

“Costume change” elevator features two hollow chambers.

Elevator can also go down to the mooring level where you can “park” the Bat boat.

Hooks for docking the Batwing.

Batcomputer (even though I have the stickers, I opted not to apply all of them, I just don’t want to see Jim Carrey’s face as the Riddler every time I look at the screens. 🙂 )

I think it would be really awesome if one combined two of these Batcaves and created a series of platforms for multi-level Batcave setup.


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