Batman Forever – Batmobile

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Batman Forever – Fireguard Batman

Kenner gets really sloppy here and releases a Batman line without a movie accurate version of the Dark Knight. Since I used to own a Fireguard Batman (my first ever Batman figure. Really!) which I had long ago sold, picking up another MOC Fireguard Batman again to accompany the vehicles seemed like a nostalgic way to go about it.


Batman Forever – Batmobile

Ahhh… here’s where the franchise goes all wrong (thanks Joel Schumacher!). The Batmobile isn’t too shabby but the silly split wings are just… goofy and serve no purpose (unless there’s an innuendo I’m missing here, aside from the Batnipples and codpieces). The Electronic Batmobile features a light up gimmick, but the light is so weak, I think my either my bulb is really weak and close to being busted, or the design was flawed from the get go. Using 2x size C batteries and still failing to light up a single bulb is just really wrong.

Hidden guns

Splitting fins (huh? Why???)

Switch for the lighting gimmick


The hood also fires as a missile.


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