Batman Power Attack – Total Destruction Batmobile

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Batman Power Attack – Total Destruction Batmobile

The Power Attack series is a referred to as an “Evergreen” line, or, a “filler” line just to keep a steady presence at toy stores while in between cartoons or movie lines. The look and design of the figures are all concept, not hailing from any cartoon, movie or comic media.

This Batmobile was actually released locally in limited quantities. As part of a Toykingdom promo, buy any 3000 (or was it 4000?) worth of Batman products and get this free. I don’t know how many came out. It was like, one weekend only. I decided to just save myself the grief and buy the blasted thing off for $20 with free shipping to a friend’s US address.

Battering Ram (I clipped in a piece of plastic to hold the battering ram in place)

Projectiles are launched by pressing the middle button here:

Projectiles can also be used by Batman as melee weapons.

Interior (some detailing here, at least)

Batman seats in easily enough.

Replaceable rubber band for the Battering Ram gimmick, for when the rubber band deteriorates over time.

I can’t help but think how much cooler this might be if it were in black.


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