Batman Returns – Batmissile Batmobile

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Batman Returns – Thunderwhip Batman

Spinning arm gimmick accessory (rolling a dial on Batman’s back moves the arm).

I decided on this figure since it looked the most like the Michael Keaton Batman (the rest were just crazy repaints), with the exception of the spinning arm gimmick. I hadn’t figured that the right arm of the toy wouldn’t fit the vehicles when I first bought it.

Guess I’ll have to try to track down a decent-priced Crime Attack Batman figure.

Batman Returns – Batmissile Batmobile

While my Batmissile Batmobile arrived in great shape from Ebay, the box is really busted up and missing the inner cardboard trays.

This is actually the third toy incarnation of the Batmobile for the 5” scale, the original was from ToyBiz (yes, the Marvel Legends Toybiz). It was a two-seater but lacked the roof (it looks really silly).

The second one was from Kenner, under the Dark Knight collection. That was pretty decent and looked almost spot-on to the movie version. But compared to the Batmissile version, it is much smaller (around 50% smaller) and the seat was a tight fit for Batman in that Batmobile.

That said, I personally like this Batmobile the best under the Burton-Keaton movie.

Instead of the machine guns, which are more movie accurate, we get missile launchers instead.

Interior details

Pressing this button releases the side plates and reveals the Batmissile.

The Batmissile

Although not shown in the movie, Kenner decided to throw in a gimmick for the sides to combine and form a “drone” attack vehicle.

Still the best reinvented Batmobile IMHO.


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