Batman The Animated Series – Batmobile

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Batman The Animated Series Combat Belt Batman

Ahhh… the original Bruce Timm/ Timmverse designed Batman, who knew it would spin off into Batman Beyond, Superman, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited?? Just awesome. So darn awesome! 🙂

Combat Belt can hold the grappling line, Batcuffs and the Batarang (that big black thing).

With the Retro Batman figure, which appeared in a few episodes on the series as flashbacks (particularly in the Robin’s Reckoning episodes).

Batman The Animated Series – Batmobile

I didn’t open the MISB Batmobile, this is an older one that I bought loose, so it’s lacking the stickers.


Pull-out tire shredders (front tires only)

Pursuit jet

Bomb underneath the jet

Not much in terms of interior


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