Batman The Animated Series Figures

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Batman The Animated Series Combat Belt Batman, Robin


BTAS-Movie Retro Batman, Phantasm

BTAS-Scarecrow, Twoface, Croc, Bane, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze

The New Batman Adventures -Joker, Batman, Nightwing, Robin

There were some very excellent deals on Ebay a few months back, a lot of the old Kenner produced Batman The Animated Series figures up for grabs at low prices. I even found a MISB Batmobile for $70.

Batman The Animated Series Rise of Sun Tzu Game Batgirl

The Xbox “Rise of Sin TSU” exclusive Animated Batgirl from the “The Batman Adventures”. lol… I just bought the figure without the game, seeing as how I don’t own an Xbox.

Some pics of my Batman and Superman Animated figures

Rogues Gallery

First Animated Batmobile

Batman Forever Batcave(the best Batcave IMHO, I prefer it even over the new The Batman Batcave)

Knight Striker Animated Batmobile

Animated Batmobiles
(L-R) Knight Striker, Batman Beyond Street to Sky, first Animated Batmobile


Wayne Manor/ Batcave


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