Batman The Brave and The Bold ~ Bataraxe Batman

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Batman The Brave and The Bold “Bataraxe Batman”

I’m not a huge fan of the toyline (hate the horrible plug gimmick holes). But after watching the later season 3 episodes, I’ve grown to love the show.

I STRONGLY[/B] recommend Batman fans to check out the following episodes
-The Super-Batman of Planet X (Kevin Conroy as the Batman of Zurr-en-Arrr)
-Chill of the Night (a very serious and dark episode about Bruce Wayne and Joe Chill…’nuff said)
-Knights of Tomorrow (D!ck Grayson becomes Batman)
-Battle of the SuperHeroes (Batman vs. Superman)
-Triumvirate of Terror (catch the last few minutes for a Kingdom Come tribute )
-And of course, Mitefall (the series ender. )

While the show generally has a “kid-friendly” vibe, those episodes I mentioned have a lot to offer older fans (Kingdom Come??). The episodes are available on Youtube.


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