Brave Revival Legends Great Might Gaine

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Might Gaine and Might Kizer combine to from Great Might Gaine.

Great Might Gaine!

Great Dou Rin Ken!!

Great Might Gaine Perfect Mode.

Perfect Cannon!

In Perfect Mode, Great Might Gaine can use two Dou Rin Kens.

Comparison shots.
Might Gaine with Takara Gaogaigar.

Great Might Gaine Perfect Mode with Takara Gaogaigar.

Fully combined, the Great Might Gaine Pefect Mode stands at 13″ (15″ counting the wings). Might Gunner has lights and sounds (you can hear Maito’s voice saying “Target scope open!” and “Pefrect Cannon Fire!”.

A really great toy, the only major downside is that there’s no diecast (just like all 1990’s Takara Braver toys).


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