Brave Revival Legends Might Gaine

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Brave Revival Legends Might Gaine

I decided to bite the bullet and get this one, a personal favorite of mine from the Brave Saga (Takara’s Super Robots). The Brave Express Might Gaine. Takara reissued the 1990’s toy with improved colors and pre-painted stickers. I originally wanted to wait for CM’s Corp to make it in their diecast Brave Gokin line but that’s pretty much a pipedream now. Good thing this reissue was still pretty abundant at the time.



Gaine Robot mode.

Might Wing (piloted by Senpuuji Maito)

Might Wing Flight mode

The super train Locomoriser.

Gaine and Might Wing can both fit inside the Locomoriser for transport.

Let’s Might Gaine!!!

Might Gaine!

When fully combined, Might Gaine usually gives this speech:

“Let the silvery wings of hope and the green light of peace ignite! Brave express Might Gaine, has arrive on time!”

Hidden switch activates the eyes and chest plate lights and train horn sounds.

Might Gaine’s other weapons include the Signal beam (forehead beam) and Mighty Slicer (I think it shoots out from his hips)

Might Gaine’s ultimate weapon ~ Dou Rin Ken!


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