BU Toys UG-01 Getter Arc

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BU Toys UG-01 Getter Arc. Apologies in advance for the thumbnails, but Photobucket is having issues apparently. The links work fine though, so clicking on the non-loading images will still take you to the full-sized image.

The Getter Arc comes with its own outer plastic bag to protect the box.

A post card-sized poster of the box art is included inside.

The figure has light up eyes and chest, but I didn’t have any 2x AG3 batteries on hand so I couldn’t try it out.

Be careful, the battery cover is actually painted, I chipped the paint on mine as I was removing the screw cover. D’oh! Oh well, at least the backpack covers it up.

The Getter Robo Arc series marks the final Getter Robo saga by co-creator Ken Ishikawa, sadly he passed away before the series could be finished.

Getter Robo Arc is part of the Ken Ishikawa Getter Robo manga saga, taking place after the manga events of Getter Robo, Getter Robo G, Shin Getter Robo (not to be confused with the events of Armageddon/ The Last Day) and Getter Robo Go (not to be confused with the TV Anime version).

Set roughly more than 28 years after the original Getter Robo storyline (Getter G was more or less a year after Getter Robo, Shin Getter happened 1 year after the events of G, Getter Robo Go was 16 years after Shin, and Getter Arc is 10 years after Getter Robo Go), humanity is under attack by the Andromeda Country, an alien force that travelled 750 years from the future via a wormhole to destroy the Getter Emperor before it evolved into the indestructible machine that it becomes in the far flung future.

Piloted by Takuma Nagare (Ryoma’s son), Baku Yamagishi (brother of Tahir Yamagishi, one of the heroes from Getter Robo Go manga) and Kamui Sho (a half-human, half-Dinosaur hybrid from the Dinosaur Empire), the Getter Arc fights back against the Andromeda Country to save humanity from the threat from the future.

The Getter Arc was created with a more stable power output and even surpasses the Shin Getter Robo in terms of power.

Battle Shot Cutter!

There are two versions of the blades, I’m not sure why?

Aside from being melee weapons, the Battle Shot Cutters are detachable and can be thrown at adversaries.

Tomahawk Lancer!

Getter Tomahawk!

Adding in an attachment part, you can combine the Tomahawks together.

Getter Beam! (fires from forehead, similar to Shin Getter).

Thunder Bomber!

The backpack which houses the Thunder Bomber can rotate and works on a ratchet joint, unfortunately, the wings/ lightning rods fall off waaaaay to easily, it is very annoying.

The Good
-Getter Arc stands roughly 9″ tall and weighs 404 Grams.

-Diecast parts include:
–Main joints

-Features extendable ankles and knee joints to provide wider range of articulation.

-Ratchet joints on several sections, cool

-Even the backpack has a ratchet!

-Beautiful paint finish. Lots of great details, particularly the forearms.

-The electronics seem like a nice touch, if one could only get the batteries to get them to work.

-Toe articulation is present.

-Fair amount of big accessories.

The Bad
-Attaching weapons to the hands are scary, as you need to put a lot of force on the thumbs to get the weapons in. This should have been better designed.

-Toy design feels a little dated compared to the more recent, highly poseable Super Robot figures.

-Paint easily chips on the battery cover (sigh…)

-A bit difficult to find AG3 batteries, I wish they included it instead.

-Box feels unnecessarily big, could’ve been made a bit more compact to emphasize weight of the figure in box.

The Ugly

Lightning rods keep falling off the backpack! C’mon! How could this even be an issue? It’s not like the rods were meant to be removable (I think?). They will fall off with the slightest touch. I’m seriously thinking of gluing them in place for good.

Overall, not bad. But the toy does feel like it came out ten years too late. It has this old school Aoshima Miracle House vibe to it, probably from the design and articulation, but it lacks the heavy diecast heft that those figures had. I’d recommend getting this if you have the spare funds for it, since it is essentially part of the original Getter Robo Saga (more than New Getter Robo storyline with the Oni and gods).


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