CHMS Transformers Collector’s Club K.O. Punch/Counterpunch

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CHMS Transformers Collector’s Club K.O. Punch/Counterpunch

This was offered 2 years ago as a Transformers Collector’s Club exclusive item, I didn’t think much of it then (it was even reissued a few months after). But prices nowadays on Ebay have shot up (original price was $60 I think?), it’s selling for $200 now.

Just this month, KO (Knock Off/Bootleg) Transformers toys maker CHMS released their “cloned” figure.

The most obvious way of telling the KO version is the added CHMS logo and Weibo URL to the front of the box.

The inside of the packaging even comes with a repainted manual, but is lacking the character Bio/Tech Specs card

Punch (the Autobot mode)

Just like with “official” version the head is also small. Smaller than the standard “Sideswipe” head.

Paint applications are roughly on par though.

As expected, since this is a KO figure, there’s no “rub sign” included.

Counterpunch, Punch’s undercover identity.

The “flipping helmet” gimmick is intact here.

I really love this figure, unfortunately, it suffers from poor floppy joints. It’s so bad that the figure fell over every single time I tried to change a pose. I don’t think this was an issue with the “official” version as I’ve never read a review stating so. I guess I’ll try to hunt down an “official” version if I can come across one on decent bids.


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