Chogokin Series BF-37 One Piece’s Franky

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Chogokin Series BF-37 One Piece’s Franky


Franky’s right forearm is a tool box.

Naturally, as the Going Merry’s shipwright (repair guy), Franky needs precision skills to handle some of the more delicate repairs on the ship. Hence, the “small hands” accessory.

Hmm…. For some reason, the pink paint on some of the fists rubs off. Pretty gross.. Not all of the fists have this problem just mainly the open palms.

Franky is powered by Cola. He can store up to 3 bottles in his tummy.

Also included is a big Cola accessory, permanently sculpted to the holding hand.

One of his signature moves is Strong Right, which launches a chained right fist flying at his opponent. While the fist is chained, it does not launch.

Franky’s other attacks include Weapons left, A bazooka weapon of sorts, to eject the projectile, just pull back on the left hand.

Rocket launcher

Franky features a unique gimmick, based on the Anime, he can change his hairstyle by holding his nose for 3 seconds. The toy has something of the same gimmick (press a button on his back) but somehow, it just doesn’t seem as cool. Especially when you consider you have to remove his back panel (part of his shirt) to make it happen.

Optional “shades on” head, for when Franky starts to get serious.

Parts box

Display stand

Franky stands about 8” tall.

Franky weighs 426 Grams

Diecast parts include:
–Knee to ankles
–Those silvery things on his shoulders.
–The whole crotch (somebody’s take on a joke I guess.. lol.. )

Funfact – In the Anime, when Franky got his upgrade from BF-36 to BF-37 during the 2 year time jump, one of his new “features” was the Franky Nipple Light. Essentially, headlights on his nipples. Thankfully, that nonsense isn’t included here. 🙂


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