CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 02 Star Gaogaigar -Golden God of Destruction

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 02 Star Gaogaigar -Golden God of Destruction

This came out in 2005-2006. The Golden God of Destruction Star Gaogaigar package was randomly shipped to distributors in unmarked boxes (supposedly there’s a box sticker but I’m not too sure about this).

The set is limited to 500 units and was a semi-lucky draw item (you could pre-order it on the website back then).

This toy is based on the first release version of Star Gaogaigar and does not have the extras present in the 2009 release Star Gaogaigar Ver. 2.0.

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Trays (Dividing Driver packed with Goldy Marg)



Gao Machines!

Plugged screw holes on the Linear Gao (too bad they didn’t plug the holes on the Stealth Gao II, too)


Broken Magnum!

Protect Shade!

Star Gaogaigar

Twin Driver!

Goldy Marg!


Display stand

Not really much to say about this set except that it suffers from the same faults present in the first release Star Gaogaigar (Plastic knees being the biggest factor) and I think it would’ve been better if the toy was released totally chromed (similar to how Yujin released their golden Gaofighgar DX back in the day) instead of just simple orange metal and plastic. Still it’s considered one of those “Holy grails” for some Gaogaigar fans (myself included).


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