CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 02x – Gaogaigar Dimension Pliers

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To my surprise, it turned out to be a model kit!

Luckily the parts weren’t that complicated to assemble and didn’t require glue.

Dimension Pliers!! Used by Gaogaigar to bend space and break through enemy barriers.

“auto activation mode” pliers

Pliers Connect!!

A few thoughts
-absolutely no diecast, the shiny parts are just all chrome painted orange plastic(which makes me worry that it will fade in time)

-the pliers don’t open, so you can’t fit the Goldion hammer in the grips

-works only for Gaogaigar(and maybe Gaofighgar) but definitely won’t connect with Genesic GGG, due to the fist plug holes being present in GGG and absent on the GGGG.

-the connection is really, really weak. There’s no lock, the plugs hardly fit into the slots in the arms, It’s not secure and the support stand doesn’t really help. I’d recommend not posing this toy in “pliers connect to GGG mode” if you plan to display it, it’s a shelf dive waiting to happen.

-on the bright side at least we get the three plier bots(DP-C1, DP-R2, DP-L3) for the first time in toy form.

-watch out for DP-R2’s antenne, they look like they’re prone to breakage, since you have to rotate them when you transform them for “Dimension Pliers” mode.

-when assembling, find part B-13 right away. It’s the post for the support stand, I almost threw it out with the rest of the model frame before I realized it was still there on the frame.


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