CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 04 God RaijinOh

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 04 God RaijinOh

The team:

(left to right) JyuOh, Kenoh and Houoh.

-Kenoh is solid diecast, the only non-diecast parts are the head, blue shoulders, some parts of the ankles and feet, everything else from body to whole arms and legs are solid diecast. Very nice. What I didn’t like about Kenoh is the sword, the blade comes off the handle/crest part effortlessly.

-Jyuoh(the lion) is also very heavy, the legs of Raijinoh make up its body are diecast. The only non-diecast parts are the head, tail, legs and connector part of the lion.

-Houoh(the phoenix) just plastic.. nothing diecast except the screws. The tail/RaijinBoomerang accessory feels kinda loose, falls off quite easily in combined mode.

What’s nice is that Kenoh and actually “ride” on Jyuoh, just like in the anime.

Zettai Muteki Raijinoh!!

-Diecast parts include the legs(whole legs!!! Except for the sides where the Jyuoh’s feet are hidden) and whole body

-The downside is that the whole shoulders and arms are plastic. Also the fist can’t rotate, thanks to the “cuffs” on the side of the toy.

-On the annoying side, it is kind of a pain to connect Houoh to the main body. Also it would’ve been nice if they included extra “open faced” hands for cooler poses.

-I’m not sure if this is a problem, but seeing as how Kenoh’s legs “shaft in” to become RaijinOh’s thighs, I’m afraid the paint on Kenoh’s diecast thighs might chip. I didn’t encounter it but it does feel kind of scary everytime I collapse the legs. Also, I’m not sure if Kenoh’s legs lock in place, I was afraid I might chip something so I didn’t completely force it in, but then it tended to slide out of place everytime I lifted Raijinoh up. Oh well..

-The hands need to be removed when you transform RaijinOh back into Houoh.

-BTW for the curious, the wings can expand higher, but I liked to pose it the way it is in the pics.

-RaijinOh stands roughly 9 inches tall and weighs 740 Grams

Raijin Boomerang!

Raijin Sword!

God Thunder Slash!!


Robot mode

-diecast parts are the whole lower leg(except for the feet.. I think)… uh, that’s about it.

-the Godraijinoh “crown” on his chest comes off waaaaay too easily. It’s annoying..

Dragon mode

– sometimes opening the “hatches” in the thighs and legs to transform the toy can be a scary moment. The locks are in tight and I can’t tell how many times I broke out in sweat concentrating on trying to apply the right amount of force without breaking the plastic tabs(yes the locks are plastic, watchout)

-my biggest disappointment is in the Dragon neck. I don’t know if I mistransformed it but I have no idea how the dragon’s head is supposed to stay on. It is ridiculously LOOSE!!! It’s like you hang the head there like hanging a towel on a nail and hope it doesn’t fall off.

In the photo i tried my own approach and jammed the fin into the gold chest plate so at least it’ll have a prayer of staying there. Seems to work(this wasn’t shown in the manual, I just got so fed up I improvised)

Cho Muteki Gattai!!

God Raijinoh!!!!

-The toy stands at roughly 10-11 inches tall, and clocks in at a whooping 1.5 Kilos!!!

-The crown just fits on the Raijinoh head(no head swapping).

-For me, the locks in the feet don’t feel that solid(mainly because the feet/Bakryuoh diecast legs are so heavy), so I don’t recommend lifting the toy without a hand holding the feet when you move the toy around.

-The arms are almost immobile.

BTW, don’t forget to use the clips to lock the two wings together

God Raijin Cannon!

– hands down. It’s very difficult to keep the gun in place. Not a very good accessory, it would’ve helped if they had made the gun handle longer.

God Raijin Sword!

Hyper Thunder Crash!!

-they included plugs for the screw holes. which is a nice touch, but I didn’t apply them since I might need to “fix” something later in case the toy(heaven forbid) breaks or something. It seems if you apply the plugs, there might be no way to pluck them out again.

-Overall, not a bad toy, the gem is definitely the Raijinoh, The God Raijinoh is a bonus. It would’ve been nice if they included more hands for cooler poses.

One more thing, I found it funny that the manual and box pics don’t match the colors of the final toy(the God Raijinoh’s feet are black in the manual and box), it’s even worse on the manual because a lot of the pics have the toy in “incomplete” paint applications.

BTW, over at CM’s corp site (before it closed), they had a limited Brave 04 EX for sale, the package only features Kenoh in new “lighter blue” to match the Anime colors.


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