CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 07 Patlabor AV-98 01 & 02 Movie Ver.

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 07 Patlabor AV-98 01 & 02 Movie Ver.

This is the regular/Movie version, It has parts to make the AV-98 Ingrams 01 and 02 based on the Movie design, the TV design with Ingram 01 and Ingram 03 is the 07x version.

The differences with the TV and movie version of the Ingram 01 lies in the antennae color, blue for the movie and light brown for the TV version.

Box size comparison with the GX01R

Inner packaging(when removing the styrofoam bars, it’s highly recommended to use to hands, the bars are pretty tightly packed and will break if you try to take them out recklessly). The lower part of the display base is packed on the underside of the styro box.

Accessory tray, it helps if you try to remember where everything is stored as you open the tray. There’re a lot of items, mostly accessories for converting the Ingram from 01 to 02.

Display base(the signal on the base doesn’t light up, and strangely the Ingram has trouble fitting in the stand with the shield equipped). BTW I think this is the Anime correct color, as opposed to a black colored stand.

The search lights on the Ingram’s chest are swapped in. The hard part is removing the covers to the plugs.

… The search lights don’t work.

Pilot figures, upon further inspection, it seems they’re not the same figure after all, but I don’t see any resemblance of Noa Izumi on either figure

The c0ckpit hatch folds out

… so that the pilots can be put in. It should be noted that there’s a control console that might get in the way even after you open the hatch. The best way to get it to fold down is to use the metal “pick” included with the toy.

The battery cover comes off relatively easily enough(which is a relief). The battery is included but you have to take out the thin film of plastic to activate the light gimmick.

The “pick”(the triangular metal thing) is used to help lower the command console, flip up the bullet proof screen and operate the internal “elevator” winch (by plugging into the hole in the Ingram’s back)

The light up gimmick, no doubt the coolest gimmick of the toy. The lights run on two parallel circuits per shoulder. I gotta admit I was expecting a simple LED light up bulb. This is a very cool concept.

The Nightstick

The Revolver
– the wrist hyper extends to reach the gun just like in the anime. Unfortunately the grip hand doesn’t hold the gun very well

The shield

Swapping parts to convert to the Ingram 02(includes a sticker sheet for “license plates” for the Ingram 01, 02 and 03)

Comparison of the heads(Ingram 02, without the visor on the left)

Ingram 02 go!

If I remember right, the shotgun is usually brandished by Ingram 02. The grip hand holds the shotgun much better than the revolver.

Comparison with the Revoltech Ingram

Comparison with the Gx01R

The Good:
-Lots of diecast, the only parts not diecast are the head, hands, shoulders, biceps and c0ckpit covers.
-Light up shoulders.
-The shotgun handle folds out.
-Includes a display base! Finally! A first for the line.
-Converts from Ingram 01 to 02(with relative ease).
-C0ckpit has a pilot.
-C0ckpit really works.
-Real cloth cover on the joints.
-Blast shield cover(?) included for the Ingram 01 optical sensor(hehe sorry I forgot to take a pic of this), involves some reassembly of the Ingram 01 head.

The Bad:
-Ratchet joints limited only to knee joints(no ratchet joints anywhere else).
-Some assembly required for the Ingram 02 head
-The need to insert a pick to work the c0ckpit elevator
-The shield comes off a bit too easily
-The antenna attachment on the collar comes off way too easily(then again I guess it’s better than having it snap off…)

The ugly:
-The screws on the side of the forearms kinda ruin the design, too bad they didn’t include screw hole covers like the previous Brave Gokin releases.
-The lower display base is taped down to the bottom of the styrofoam tray. I’m not sure if after a long period of storage, the tape will leave marks on the plastic but it is something to ponder. Better take the tape off if you don’t plan to display the toy just to be sure.

Overall, the toy is very good, I actually like it over some of the SOC releases(Xabungle for one), I think CM’s released too many complex transforming combiner robots with little experience from the start. This is one release that shows promise for the company.


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