CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 09 J9 Griffon- Flight Unit Ver.

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 09 J9 Griffon- Flight Unit Ver.


Created by evil Schaft Enterprises.


Thanks to the silly concept of the huge hollow tray compartment on the right, the back of the outer box tends to implode if you stack it improperly during transport. I don’t understand how they couldn’t have just compressed everything into just one side. Tsktsk.

The connection ports on the wings are diecast, plus ratchet joints on the x-y axis of the wings.

Plus here’s a first for the line, an extra hinge in the feet.

The Griffon J-9 Flight unit version- regular release (the Brave Gokin 09X will be the aqua unit version, featuring a different backpack attachment and it will have the severed Patlabor Ingram 02 head)

Piloted by the 15 year old Badrinath Harchand for covert terrorist activities on Schaft Enterprises’ orders (Badrinath’s figure is not included with the Griffon, it hails from the recently release CM’s Patlabor trading figure series)

Opening c0ckpit hatch (note the diecast in the hinges connecting the base of the neck)

Badrinath’s figure is seated inside (figure not removable)

“The Black machine of Destruction”

Griffon’s “taunt” pose

Griffon comes with the Patlabor Ingram’s revolver (lifted from a fallen Patlabor opponent)

With the Brave Gokin 07 Patlabor Ingram 01

“Take down the Griffon!!”

Given the speed, power, mobility of the Griffon and the skill of the young pilot, the Patlabors were easily outmatched.

Later on, the Ingram 01 piloted by Noa Izumi was finally able to subdue the powerful machine in the Second OVA series.

The Good
-Excellent amount of diecast (70-80%)
-Diecast parts except for chest hatch, shoulders and head
-Diecast parts for the pegs for the wings and c0ckpit hatch
-Ratchet joints in some of the wing areas
-Ratchet joints in the knees (none in the elbows and hips)
-Hidden mid-torso joint for extra cool poses
-Additional hinge joints in the inner shoulder
-Optional PVC “Screw-hole covers”
-Weighs 420 Grams when fully assembled

The Bad
-Non-removable pilot figure
-Not nearly as enough accessories as I had hoped.
-No LED gimmick like with the Patlabor (would’ve been nice if the eyes lighted up or something )
-Shoulders not able to aim directly forward, due to parts of the shoulder coming into contact with the wing’s joints at a certain angle.
-No display stand unlike the Patlabor.

The Ugly
-Well, the worst thing about this toy for me would have to be the darn box, that hollow portion on the right side is a shipping accident just waiting to happen!

Extra care should also be given when returning the Griffon to the box. The pointy parts of his head will snag on the Styrofoam easily and might break (I cannot stress this enough!)

There’s also a pointy plastic tailfin on the mech that might get snagged if you’re wearing gloves. So be mindful of that.

Overall, another solid toy from CM’s Corp. I’d rank it slightly below the Patlabor, with the Goshogun still on top as far as the “non-transforming Brave Gokin” category goes.

I really like the theme song for this villain. The title is “Kuroi Hakaisha -Griffin- (Black Destroyer -Griffin-)”.


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