CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 14 Ingram with Reactive Armor Type 98 Ingram

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 14 Ingram with Reactive Armor Type 98 Ingram.

Originally released in March 2008.

Accessory tray.

Comparison of pilot figures from the Brave Gokin 07 Ingram.

Three pilot figures are included; Isao Ohta, Shinobu Nagumo, and Noa Izumi.

Shield comparison (TV series shield on the right, comes with the Reactive Armor set).

Optional Ingram unit 02 and unit 03 heads are included (assembly required).

Unit 03’s head comes with extra parts showing the additional scanning receptors.

Optional stickers and “license plates”.

Unlike the previous Ingram, the license plate can now be swapped out.

Reactive Armor AV-98 Ingram. Appearing only in the Patlabor Movie 2 and 3, the Ingram was deployed for Military use, hence the upgrade.

The Reactive Armor can be removed.

What is “Reactive Armor”?

One downside is that CM’s removed the electronic lights. The box is rather misleading too, I thought it came with optional shoulder pads to make a non-armored Ingram, I was wrong.

The backpack and pilot raising slots are still there.


Stand Stick.

Just like in the Anime (and in the Brave Gokin 07 Patlabor), the right arm hyper extends to reach for the Revolver Cannon stored in the Ingram’s right leg.

Riot Gun/ Shotgun. Interesting to note that the shotgun handle slides like the real thing(same on the Brave Gokin 07).

Display stand.

Essentially the same platform as the Brave Gokin 07 only this time they didn’t include the Maintenance frame and plugged up the connection port. The sticker is now gold instead of silver.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2 move out!

With the Brave Gokin 07 Movie version AV-98 Ingram.


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