CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 21x Mugen Calibur (Special Armored Battalion Dorvack)

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 21x Mugen Calibur (Special Armored Battalion Dorvack)

I’m not familiar with the Anime but the figure is based on the main bot from Special Armored Battalion Dorvack back in the early 80’s. The show was very well animated (think Dancougar) but failed to be a hit thanks to poor writing. The toy mold was acquired by Hasbro and sold as Roadbuster in the G1 Anime.

The CM’s Corp. figure didn’t really selling well and you can get these for an insanely good price nowadays. I made a mistake though, thinking I got the regular Brave 21 (Combat Calibur) what I actually bought was the Brave 21x – Mugen Calibur, same toy but missing the High Laminate Armor and the Blaster Gun. Dang!

Grenades and Grenade rack (Grenades can actually be plugged into the Arm Rifle)

Folding Arm Rifle (the muzzle needs to be extracted from the backpack).

Shoulder-mounted Rocket Gun (cover for the clip needs to be removed from Calibur’s shoulder first)

Double Barrel Gun – comes with its own fist included with the gun, all you have to do is just swap out the default fist on Calibur and plug the gun into the socket.

Dorvack insignia

Be extremely mindful of the antenna. Darn thing is very brittle (broke mine when the figure fell over as I was putting him back in the box… grrr…)

Mugen Calibur stands roughly about 7 Inches tall (8.5 Inches if the gun is equipped on his shoulder). Weighs around 284 Grams. Diecast parts are in the feet, thighs, groin joints and the support arms for the back cover.

Ratchet joints are present in the shoulders and groin joints. But be warned though, the figure tends to do splits a lot, the locking mechanism for the groin joints for transforming isn’t as tight as I would’ve liked.

2 figures of Masato Mugen are included.

The sitting figure can be loaded into the c0ckpit.

Jeep mode – even has rubber wheels. The transformation isn’t perfect, there are a lot of leftover parts from the wheel covers, but that’s expected.

Loaded with Weaponry!

Last but not least, Cm’s also included 2 Powered Armors, Nove and Halk.

2 types of weapons for Halk

Nove also has a weapon and a radar dish option(?)

The full set.

Of course, for Transformers fans, the best reason to get this guy… to help form up the Wreckers team!


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