CM’s Corp Brave Gokin 29 Nadesico Aestivalis Ground and Sky type

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CM’s Corp Brave Gokin 29 Martian Successor Nadesico Aestivalis Ground and Sky type

Recently all of the Brave Gokin Aestivalis figures went on 40% sale at, I figured, might was well get them since they did appear in a few Super Robot Wars games.

Aestivalis stands at around 5 Inches and is about 120Grams in weight. Diecast is in the legs and sections of the torso (almost similar to Super Robot Chogokins)

Transforming Assault Pits (c0ckpits). Despite the color, these are totally plastic (I thought they were metal due to the paint finish).

Ground Combat form.

A little annoying thing here for me, the shoulder joints as you can see are simple pegs, the shoulders just slide out too easily. Making the toy feel a bit loose.


Geki Gan Punch!!

Immediate Knife can fit into compartment, but be warned. You have to fold the knive into the handle, and there is a HIGH possibility that the handle will break (broke mine) so it’s better to not fold it at all.


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