CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 35 Kotetsu Jeeg

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 35 Kotetsu Jeeg

Comes with 2 versions of Hiroshi, the original Cyborg Hiroshi (left) and Shin Cyborg Hiroshi (right).

The figures aren’t well articulated. Only in the shoulders and knees.

They’re about over an inch tall.


I don’t really recommend transforming the head too often, it requires shoving Jeeg’s “chin plate” in Hiroshi’s back a lot, and the joint holding the chin plate is a simple joint that can pop free. So repeated wear and tear will result in the chin plate becoming loose or worse, completely be unable to clip onto the peg anymore.

Build up!!

Jeeg Stands about 6.5 Inches tall.


Knuckle Bomber – Cm’s Corp included an optional set of shoulders for you to use to pose Jeeg in Knuckle Bomber position.

Trigger release

Jeeg Buckler- an optional set of forearms are included for attaching the Bucklers. For whatever reason, CM’s used different forearms here instead of the default forearms, even though you still have to plug it into the Buckler’s peg anyway.

Mach Drill

Jeeg Bazooka

Spin Storm!!


Panzeroid Boost in!!

Jeeg Lance

Interesting note: Rubber soles on the feet. Similar to the Gx-42 Shin Jeeg.

With the SOC Gx-42 Shin Jeeg. Jeeg weighs around 322 Grams. Shin Jeeg is around 280 Grams

(Note: I did some Photoshop here, there’s no way the Shin Jeeg can pose its leg that high. )

My only real gripe is the spring gimmick forearms. I wish there were optional set that were just simple forearms, since we already get a special forearm set for the Knuckle Bomber anyway. As is, I have to hold down one of the triggers on the forearms as I push in the fist, otherwise the peg won’t lock in.

Overall, not bad, it’s better than what I expected. Lots of diecast parts on Jeeg itself (think Gx-01R Mazinger). The Magnets hold very, very well and don’t spin around like Barattack (yikes, that one was a mess). Also I prefer it over the SOC Shin Jeeg. Brave Gokin 35 is bit expensive though and the Panzeroid has zero diecast parts. If you’re a fan, I would recommend it.


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