CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 35b Koutetsu Jeeg – Limited Black Version

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 35b Koutetsu Jeeg – Limited Black Version

Limited to 300 units worldwide and is an Italy exclusive.

Stamped clearly on the back of the box are the Italian shops that have this item.

Tray – Note the missing Panzeroid.

Black Hiroshis

Build Up!!

A few quick pics.

Black Jeeg also comes with a box of goodies. Note that the box is unmarked.

I found it odd that the serial number is located in this leaflet instead of posted directly on the Black Jeeg’s box. So if you bought this figure and the seller didn’t pack in this card, you’re basically missing the serial numbering.

Gloves and Pendant

The gloves fit adult-sized hands.

The Pendant is similar to what Hiroshi wears in the show (also serves as his radio communicator with the base).

With the Black Go Nagai SOCs.

Personally, had I known it did not come with Panzeroid, I probably would’ve passed on the set, what with the higher mark up and all. Plus I don’t know if it’s just my unit but the magnets felt weaker in the hips. Making the legs spin around more (like SOC Shin Jeeg) and actually causing black Jeeg to fall over twice in this shoot (something I didn’t encounter with the regular colors figure). I guess the biggest deal breaker for me was the fact that CMs went with a shiny finish for this one instead of matte black like the SOCs (which was what made me want to get this set in the first place, as a supplement to the black SOCs). Ah well….

To quote Shakespear’s Richard III “A horse, my kingdom for a horse!” 🙂


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