CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 37 Kotetsu Jeeg Big Shooter

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CM’s Corp. Brave Gokin 37 Kotetsu Jeeg Big Shooter

Ok, seriously, who designs a launch rail like that? I’m surprised Miwa doesn’t pass out or puke every time she needs to head out. Poor girl. Or maybe she’s just an adrenaline junkie…

Pilot figures of Miwa Uzuki and Hiroshi Shiba fit inside. Each figure has articulated shoulder joints.

The c0ckpit hatch hinge is a magnet too.

Big Shooter opens up to store the Jeeg parts. It will take two decks to store the arms and legs.

Jeeg’s weapons can all be stored inside as well (except the Panzeriod)

Pay special attention when storing the Mach Drills, as the wings need to be positioned a certain way to prevent damage

If nothing else, you can use the Big Shooter as a weapons stand, it can even store Jeeg’s extra fists.

Thanks to the magnets, you can mix and match the parts.

The Good

-Big shooter is impressively heavy! You feel the heft once you lift the main body out of the tray. Weighs about 550 Grams. The main section of the ship is almost 90% heavy diecast, the rest of the wing attachments are plastic.

-Insanely super strong magnets!! You will need to apply some force to pry the parts loose. Kind of like pulling semi-hard clay apart.

The Bad

-Wow. Cm’s really cut costs on the box. The finish isn’t glossy and looks kind of cheap. Especially next to the shiny gloss of the Jeeg box.

-Be mindful of the release button for the Big Shooter’s main section. It’s very hard to open up the “clamshell” as you need to press and at the same time pry open the halves.

The Ugly


The hinges on for opening the storage sections for the Jeeg legs creaks loudly on one side. I don’t know if this is just my unit but it is kinda scary, it sounds like the plastic is really undergoing stress when you open it.

I didn’t have the chance to try putting the SOC Shin Jeeg into the Big Shooter but I doubt all of the pieces will fit in, if ever, the robust shoulders of the Shin Jeeg will definitely not fit in there.

Overall a great set (provided you don’t encounter the loud creaking hinge problem with the storage hatches). I was expecting little metal and lots of plastic with this set, I’m glad I was wrong. You will feel the heft of the main section when you remove it from the tray and it will make you stop and admire it for a moment. A really good follow up to the CM’s Corp Jeeg.

Hmm if ever CM’s Corp. makes a stand alone Spacer for their Grendizer, and make it like this (HEAVY diecast main body) then that would be awesome!


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