CMs’ Corp. Patlabor Trading figures series 2

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CMs’ Corp. Patlabor trading figures series 2

Originally released back in April 2008.

This is the second series of trading figures/ gashapon from CM’s Corp. featuring characters from Mobile Police Patlabor.


Kiichi Goto

With Series 1’s Noa Izumi.

The SV2 (Special Vehicles unit 2) Captain Car

With the Series 1 SV2 Type 98 Command Car.(both are plastic with no diecast parts)

The Bel 1999 Caldia(in scale with the Patlabor Gokin as well).

Ingram Labor unit 2 (movie version).

With series 1’s Ingram (shotgun chase figure version).

The SV2 Maintenance crew.

Team 1

Team 2

The SV2 Maintenance team at work.

The whole set.


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