D-Arts Rockman (Megaman) Forte and Gospel (Bass and Treble)

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D-Arts Rockman (Mega Man) Forte and Gospel (Bass and Treble)

Despite the box being bigger, it actually houses less accessories than Rockman.



I quite surprised to learn that Gospel has very minimal articulation, unlike Rush, this guy doesn’t have knee or ankle joints.

The Anti-Rockman and Anti-Rush?

The many faces of Forte

Swapping the faces requires removing the “hat” and the face guard.

Forte’s shoulder pads pop off way too easily, it’s an incredible annoyance.

Also, there are no “shots” effects parts for Forte, I was thinking I could get the buster shots from Rockman to plug into the Forte buster, but there’s no hole for the pegs to slot into.

Soooo …. Much…. Angst!

In the games, Forte can call on Gospel to give him a short flight by transforming into wings, called the Gospel Boost (Treble Boost in the US), I was expecting that accessory to appear in the set. Sigh… no such luck.


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