D-Arts Rockman X – Black Zero

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D-Arts Rockman X – Black Zero

Originally, Black Zero was known as Fake Zero in the game series (a copy created by Sigma to mess with X), the real Zero later showed up to save X.

Later on, Black Zero was used as a color scheme to indicate Zero’s “power up” mode after getting into a capsule unit given by Dr. Light.

The first appearance of Zero in Black was in Rockman X-4, but no added bonus abilites. In X-5 and 6, it gave Zero stronger Saber damage and more Weapon Energy. In X-8, the armor doubles Zero’s Dash and jump abilites, doubles the damage Zero dishes out but halves his defense.

With the exception of X5 and X8, the rest all require inputting a code at the start screen to access Black Zero.

Zero’s various bodies.

Ultimate Armors


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