D-Arts Rockman

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D-Arts Rockman

Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since the Blue Bomber debuted (and that I’ve been playing video games that long.. wow. I suddenly feel old. Ha!). Well, I’m glad that Bandai has done more to celebrate the anniversary than Capcom by giving us an awesome action figure of the little guy.

Different faces.

Rockman can do the slide pose no problem!

Rockbuster effects parts.

Rush is fully poseable.

Met. I dunno.. I would’ve preferred it if they included Beak the bird instead of this guy.

Removable hard hat.

With the D-Arts Rockman X figure (X is set around 130 years after Rockman I think.)

I have no real qualms about this figure. Just awesome. But as for how Capcom is handling the Megaman Anniversary for fans, well.. just go to the link below to find out. I recommend playing the Youtube video in the link too, if you’re a Rockman/Megaman fan to get a better understanding of what’s going on with Capcom’s latest offering to the franchise. It will blow your mind!


…….. yeeeeeaaaahh… not what I was expecting either. Thanks a million, Capcom! 😀

Now to go back to getting the Megaman 10 “Mr. Perfect” trophy. 🙂



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