DC BVS Epic Strike Batmobile

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DC BVS Epic Strike Batmobile

With Grapnel Blast Batman

Is that.. .blood? What’s up with that?

The Kryptonite missiles look really awkward here.

The only gimmick this vehicle has are the exploding hood panels.

Hmm.. nice to see some machine guns under the hood there. At least there’s some tooling as opposed to just plain stickers.

Wow… the inside is so bare, not even a steering wheel???

But at least Batman fits inside no problem.

Now, one of the selling points of this toy is that it’s supposed to be functional with most 6″ Batman figures, I tried the DC Universe Classics New 52 Batman, and while does fit, the lid is hard to close due to his solid plastic cape making it difficult to push the figure down all the way into the seat…

Overall, not bad, but I don’t think it makes my top 5 Batmobile toys. The design is a bit too different from the sleek look of the movie Batmobile. But I’m still keeping it, as there aren’t any other BVS Batmobiles out there that can seat 6″ figures.


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